What I offer

#Anthropological Studies

The study of historical and cultural sites, revealing the #Genius locci in
order to make sense of innovative #projects, heritage #restaurations… No matter the field.

Social anthropology invites a new vision and understanding taken from various eras. Thanks to its combined competences it reveals a richly interwoven history of #architecture which goes beyond purely stratigraphic #architectures Anthropological studies therefore offer a solid starting point for the “resurrection” of sites, where forward- looking projects find their meaning, ahead of their time yet not detached from reality.

#Expeditions related to the impetus for change

Currently in the catalogue:

#Moroccan Desert “Journey from the heart” organised by the Caravan Hamada Draa from Zagora with Berbers, lasting seven days, accompanied by a pairing of an anthropologist and a therapist in order to connect with the essentials through moments working on co-development, on constellations, on walking, on treatments… Departures each year in February /March.

#Quebec, to connect with others #Connection to Connection, from smaller things to those bigger than all of us. Organised by the Travel Agency Visages du Monde from Les Sables d’Olonne. Discovery and wonder from Montreal to the Saint Laurent River, from skyscrapers to whales ! Departure during the Indian summer in September/October 2021.

#Pays de Monts Forest, team building version. An organised day run by teams with the purpose of learning about yourself and others, to create and consolidate relationships with the other participants. An out of the ordinary scenario to #live

#Inspirational work orientated expeditions


#Conferences and event leading

Multiple themes available based around social anthropology’s role in current events and challenges.

#Living Lab

Originating from studies at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), the #Living lab is an eco-system of long-term research.
The laboratory is unique and efficient due to the origins and diversity of the participants who interchange knowledge resulting in a pragmatic and decidedly quirky outlook.
The users are just as involved in the research as the practitioners, engineers, local services, companies.. which leads to an optimum use of any emerging innovations.
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Putting you in contact with the right people on specific projects to allow you to gain time, to get #straight to the point and to be #greeted properly and sincerely.

Connections to my network in France and Quebec

#Leading Collaborative Work-Shops

I use my #expertise as a facilitator to help out with various problems or questions within a project for businesses, associations or councils.
This means that there is “multi-faceted” work happening at the same time; personal and collective work simultaneously developing the capacity to work #together whilst
#respecting<:span> each individual’s singularities and strong points. All this whilst working towards a common goal in a #collaborative manner.
Creation of original tools such as the anthropological harvest


This service is available exclusively in Quebec for French speaking individuals from around the world.
Accompanying projects which will have a deeply positive social and societal impact thanks to an #innovative pedagogy and #atypical methods (including anthropological support regarding the project, the art of being a “Bouffon”, dance, sweat-lodges and connecting with indigenous people). Contact us for more information.

#Driving forces of change

Les Z’Atypiques

Annual program for atypical work-shops, set on four week-ends during the year on a two-day format.

Mini-courses in the form of various work-shops over a week-end to broaden our minds, #to find ourselves, #explore and accompany us towards a new and better world (art of being a “bouffon”, institutional and family constellations, sonotherapy, Pieczni Laboratorium traditional ancient Eastern songs).

#Research sessions

Leading and directing #research sessions based on an open #Innovation process in the industrial, social, environmental, architectural and urban sectors… A research #process with an adapted and isolated – or not- objective, using #innovative tools. These sessions can be a Hackathon (co-creation) but they can also take place at any point in your project no matter how far along you are (testing, prototyping…).