My inspirations

#Edgar MORIN

Edgar Morin, an anthroplogist on “complex thought”, joined the CNRS and became the research director in 1970. At the end of the decade, he developed what he would later define in 1982 as “complex thought” and started writing what became his most renowned work “La Méthode” of which 6 volumes were released between 1977 and 2004.
Edgar Morin has an honorary doctorate from multiple universities throughout the world. The thought processes which are exposed throughout his work can be found in over forty countries around the world. He now focuses on globalisation and is committed to fighting climate change.
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#Françoise HERITIER

Françoise Heritier, a social anthropologist, is only the second female professor at the Collège de France. A student of Claude Lévi-Strauss at the Ecole pratique des hautes études, she joined the CNRS and started work on the functioning of semi-complex systems of relationships and alliances. She then became the director of Social Sciences at the Ecole des hautes études (EHESS). Her social research is predominantly in the fields of male domination, the various parental systems and the prohibition of incest.
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#Patrick DUBE

After acquiring a Masters in anthropology and a doctorate in geomatics at the University of Montreal, Patrick Dubé started a career as a researcher and businessman in the fields of social and technological innovation.
Since 2006, he has been working alongside businesses on the development of their innovative practices, he has a particular interest in projects with a more extensive geographical reach.
In 2011, he also became the co-director of research at “La Société des Arts Technologiques de Montréal. Since 2017, he has been the director of “La Maison de l’Innovation Sociale” in Quebec.
He is one of the authors of the “Livre blanc des Living-Labs”
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