Background and career path

My career path has interchanged between archaeology and educational sciences whilst also including teaching and working in various businesses. As a result my experience is a #hybrid of multiple environments. This has led me to social anthropology which I have incorporated into multiple projects in #France and in #Quebec. Today, I continue learning and questioning things; from training courses on institutional and family constellations to forward planning with “l’Institut des Futurs Souhaitables.”

I lead courses for the #Germe association which is a group of 18 managers in the Vendée founded in 2014 based on humanistic and innovative management principles.

Since a very young age a combination of various cultural, professional and family experiences has led me to create links between seemingly unconnected things and events. Early on, I developed an interest in #archeology and my outlook on a “visible and invisible” life sharpened.

Today, I oscillate constantly between concepts surrounding prehistory, humanity, collective intelligence, collaborative spirit, self reflection and various traditional and spiritual healing methods.
A singularity which allows me to create a meaningful link between #Roots and #Wings, between our long-held #Traditions and #Innovation, between #Prehistory and #Future Prospectives

The Singularity/
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